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A philosophically enlightened and policy-driven Nigerian government.

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To be the foremost think-tank under the Nigerian firmament where the intellectual and creative resources of social and political philosophers are pooled and directed at development of political philosophy and political ideology for the common and greatest good of the Nigerian nation.


Nigeria Political Philosophy


  1. To unite all social and political philosophers in Nigeria under one roof.
  2. To develop the Nigerian Political Philosophy for the Nigerian Government.
  3. To act as the political think-tank for the Nigerian Government.
  4. To propagate the role of social and political philosophy in politics and government.
  5. To annually hold the Nigerian Political Philosophy Conference
  6. To cooperate with our parent body and other sub-divisional bodies to promote the growth of Philosophy.
  7. To organize short courses on Political Philosophy and Professional Ethics for political office holders.
  8. To award the JULIUS NYERERE AFRICA PRIZE IN POLITICAL LEADERSHIP to the best people-focused political leaders
  9. To annually organize Nigeria Political Philosophy Summit which would involve political stakeholders in Nigeria
  10. In collaboration with other scholars in Africa, to annually organize International Conference on African Political and Economic Philosophy.
  11. To promote political ethics as the value-structure for good political leadership.
  12. To advise the legislature and the judiciary on jurisprudence and the morality of law.
  13. To develop a Nigerian Ideology
  14. To recommend a National Ideology Commission

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